Urlaub in Maribor – Wien / Holidays in Austria/Slovenia

8 Tage Urlaub sind nicht viel und doch genug – wir sind mit dem Nachtzug der ÖBB von Feldkirch nach Graz gefahren – waren 4 Tage in Maribor, dann weiter nach Wien – dort war das Wetter wenieger gut so das ein Cirkusbesuch hermusste – und mit dem Nachtzug wieder zurück.

Es war natürlich auch im besten Schweizer Töff Forum aus geschrieben….

Schön wars.

NG72 Gibraltar-Nordkap

NG72After the Magic12 Rally this weekend I start¨to a long tour – riding the IBA Special NG72. This is Gibraltar to Nordkap in less then 72 hours. Its a good test for the upcomming IBR2017.

We start with a group of long distance riders on Saturday at 12:30, after this time all of us ride by hereself. Some use the route more to the south of Spain, thru Germany, others like my go via Paris.

Also in Danmark some use the ferry, others the bridge. Maybe I see some of my friends somewhere on the road – could be possible when we are in the north, because there are more or less no routing options (depends on the 72h limit!)

After finish at the Nordkap, I go on the next day back home by using the route thru Finnland, ferry to Talin and then 2.300km till hot shower…. 😉

Overall its near 12.000km – hope my Road 4 GT will pass this distance. The start is on Wednesday, 03.08, back home around 13/14 of August.

You can follow the tripp on Spotwalla. Comments always wellcome

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